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Ash Vale Community Fridge

Welcome to the Ash Vale Community Fridge, launching today 21 June 2023 at 9:30am here at The Chapel Project.

Who is the food for? It’s for everyone! The aim is to offer surplus food to anyone who would like to use it, to stop food being wasted. We hope you enjoy it!

When is the best time to come? Usually on Tuesday and Thursday nights, depending what has been donated that evening by local stores including Co-op, Tesco and Booker. We will share news on Facebook @AshValeChapel and on local community pages when food is available in the fridge.

Can I donate food too? Please contact us if you’d like to donate food. 07730 609446 We have a few simple rules to keep things safe, and to make sure we can let people know what’s available each day. Thank you for your support!

Can I volunteer? Yes! Contact Cllr Carla Morson or  Alex our Project Manager on 07730609446 if you’d like to get involved.

Facebook: @AshValeChapel

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