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With the clock change this weekend, the days are shorter and night’s arrival swifter. After our bright and beating summer, there is something comforting in the turn of the season, the softness of the dark.

But in that darkness, always light.

The Chapel Writers Group have been using the theme of ‘illumination’ to kick-start their writing and bring some innovation to how we picture the world. They’ve been thinking of the different ways in which we can experience or describe light – literally or metaphorically and how to write about them.

you hear the word ‘illumination’, what’s your first thought? Blackpool, medieval manuscripts, blazing suns and dazzling moons, brashly lit castles, divine radiance, giant cinema screens, camping by torchlight, a fresh idea, a lifted spirit, the quiet gold of candlelight?

The Group realised that this might be a fitting theme for their next venture: a collection of poems on the theme of ‘illumination’, which has now been published by Spindlebox Press.

Come join us at the Chapel on Friday 16th November at 7pm for "Illuminations", to celebrate the art of poetry and the launch of the collection. If you are unable to attend the event, the publication goes on sale on Sunday 10th November for £5 in aid of The Chapel Project.


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