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Picnic and Play today!

Good morning, we hope you enjoyed the first Picnic & Play last week. It’s back on today, and for the next 2 Wednesdays as well!

If you're joining us today, see you soon and we look forward to welcoming you. (If you’re stuck at home here’s an idea for an art activity too, see below 🙂) forgot to book? Text us on 07730 609446.

See you at 11:30 -14:30 for picnic, pancakes, arts and crafts, sand and water play, disco and games 💕 Let's enjoy some Summer Holiday Fun with our friends and neighbours.

Picnic and Play is by donation. Please chip in so we can keep this project going every summer! You can donate cash on the day or use this Donations link:

Thank you 💕😊

We are super grateful to everyone who has helped to fund picnic and play this year and helped to develop the Community Garden at the Chapel. Have a look - can you spot the new fruit trees, cabbages, courgettes, currants, tomato plants and more? Thank you to the NWCLF team who have looked after the garden and tamed the hedges. Thank you to the Co-op Community Fund team for the compost and seeds, and for all your support with funding too! Chapel Kids have been planting something each week all through the summer term too.

Did you know? As a @coopuk member you can save more on everyday essentials and make a difference for The Chapel Project just by buying Co-op products. Become a member and all you need to do is shop, swipe and select The Chapel Project as your local cause. #ItsWhatWeDo

Art Idea... make a beach picture and imagine you find a precious treasure - what does it look like? Send us a photo of your creation!

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