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Standing with our friends in Uganda

Remember when we did toilet twinning with William’s church in Uganda? We now have an immediate opportunity to save lives in this awful Covid crisis.

Those of us fortunate enough to be able to help - please consider donating. Amaha We Uganda (Hope for Uganda) is a charity we have worked with for many years, Benjamin and William have visited The Chapel, and 2 of the Chapel Management Committee Members are also on the AWU UK board of trustees. We have long-standing friendships and great working relationships with the team over there. Your donations will be well spent. Thank you.

Here is their latest news:

“No money- No food.

Due to the global corona virus crisis, Uganda is also in lockdown. The families in Customs, Bwera and Kasese survive hand to mouth by selling crops in markets and small businesses, which are now closed. This means no income. With no money they can't buy food from shops so are not able to feed themselves or their families. In these unprecedented times AWU has sent money from our small reserves so William can begin distributing food parcels to families and our street children. This will provide the basics of cassava flour, maize flour and beans sufficient for a family for one daily meal. We also want to help families grow subsistence crops for the next season while they have the rains.

Please consider donating to help.

To find out more follow this link

Thank you.”

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